Why Us
1) Confidentiality agreement; Under any circumstances we never
give the details of your technology, technical information,
proprietary information to third parties without your permission.
Regarding the issue we have special agreements with our
manufacturers. We also sign these kinds of agreements with our
2) Minimum Order Quantity ; We do not have minimum
quantity requirements. We provide small, medium and large
quantities requirements.
3) Quality control; We have ISO 9001 certificate and we
produce in DIN Standards. We can provide analyse reports of
the production and related quality reports if required.
4) Best Price; Please be sure that our prices are very competitive
in whole World. We try to do our best to make you satisfied
about price.
5) Communication; We reply your e-mail in 1 day because we
know that time is very important for you.
6) Delivery on time; We are using highly improved ERP system
to control production process. With these system we control on
whole production and delivery process. In the course of
production we always inform you about the situation of
production process regularly and our aim is to increase
productivity and your satisfaction.
7) Capacity; We have a large production capacity of forging,
casting and machining. We can produce 100 gr to 70 kg forging
parts and 10 gr to 4 tones casting parts. Our capacity of
machining is about 3,000,000 pcs in a year.
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Otto Metal Industry Ltd.. started it is
business activity in 2012 for manufacturing
casting and forging parts with it is cnc
machining facilities.
Our company manufactures especially
different cnc machining parts,cnc lathe parts
beside them metal forging parts,casting
parts, metal fabrication ( welding, bending,
cutting)metal fastener and bolts.
We provide precision contract manufacturing for
original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) serving
the commercial, industrial ,medical, electronic,
architectural,just to mention a few, according to our
customers engineering specifications and requirements.